Developed Exclusively For Military
and Espionage Special Operations.

Watch these torture test videos to see why the SPYTAC X-6 is the World’s Toughest Flashlight and why Americans trust their life with this light.



The SPYTAC X-6 was designed for military and espionage operations where superior performance are the minimum requirement.

This flashlight is made from Mil-Spec 6061 aircraft aluminum designed for exceptional durability. With its hard-coated exterior (Type 3 Hard-Coated MIL-SPEC), it can resist dust, impacts, and chemical intrusion.

The recoil resistant construction and 1-inch outer body diameter allows for weapon-mounting with standard 1” scope rings on calibers up to .50 Cal making the SPYTAC X-6 one of the most durable weapon mountable flashlights in history.

600 Blinding Lumens

The light is 600 lumens with a useful range of thousands of feet and a visibility from over 10 nautical miles away.

The inner diameter of the SPYTAC X-6 coupled with its computer regulated output control circuit was designed to allow the SPYTAC X-6 to utilize a large variety of batteries without risk of unit damage.

Battery combinations include:

  • Two standard non-rechargeable CR123 batteries
  • Two rechargeable CR123 batteries of any type including all rechargeable lithium types
  • One Rechargeable 18650 battery

Chemical Resistant Glass

The tri-cut shatter-resistant lens resists scratching and resists chemicals such as DEET, which will not damage the lens or body.

The fact is, most flashlight lenses are plastic or a plastic variant. They will discolor and melt immediately upon contact with substances like DEET (which is in most mosquito repellents used for hiking).

The SPYTAC X-6 lens is extra thick chemical resistant glass, which has a machined outer edge with three angles of cut. This prevents the glass from fracturing and spidering.

This light is not only able to be able to be frozen in a block of ice, but is designed to work down to -40 Celcius, making the SPYTAC X-6 suitable for use in some of the worst and coldest conditions on earth.

The I-SAFE design resists intrusion from explosive gases and dust while the hard coated exterior allows for heat resistance of hundreds of degrees, making the SPYTAC X-6 the optimal light for emergency rescue, when dependability means saving lives.

The SPYTAC X-6 is a light above the call of duty and one designed to be the highest quality and best performing flashlight you will have ever used.

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