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A healthy diet is one based on fresh fruits and vegetables. But what if I told you fresh produce isn’t always as fresh as …


Last week I had the privilege to attend Jason Hanson’s two-day spy survival course.  Modern situational awareness was certainly a topic of interest.  Among …


The thing about emergencies is that you don’t know when and where they’ll happen. You could be injured anytime, or continue going about your …


Most people who work in the intelligence field will tell you that the biggest espionage threats in the U.S. are Chinese and Russian operatives. …


From Jeff W: What secure encrypted flash drive do you recommend for docs? Answer: I use the IronKey flash drive, which is encrypted and …


I arrived on the scene to see a soldier nearly unconscious.  Around him were five other people, one of whom I recognized as the …


As I’ve trained EMT’s and medics over the years I have often emphasized two things that my experience has taught me as being critical …


Here’s How to Protect Your Identity It’s enough to send a shiver down your spine… someone you don’t know could be pretending to be …


According to the Department of Homeland Security, there are currently 78 government fusion centers throughout the United States. You’ll find at least one in …


From Lori F: What ideas for a bug-out place do you have for someone who has no family or other land to run to? …


When a knife is a fundamental part of your EDC kit you need to select the right one for the job and for you. …


Criminals, schemers, cons…they’re everywhere, leveraging YOU for ill-gotten economic gains. Each year, over 30 million Americans lose collective billions to scams. More and more …


In the Army we have a saying. “Two is one, one is none.” This saying comes from the engineers. It’s meant to emphasize the …

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